Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Still Here!

And I have a huge backlog of posts to write!

It's been that kind of crazy end-of-school-year-birthday-bonanaza-anniversary-family celebration that only May can bring.

Here's what's been happening:
It rained.  A lot.

And then it rained more. 

We've broken all sorts of records for consecutive days of rain!
 And then it hailed!

But all the rain had been fantastic for the garden- so much so that I see I have been underwatering for the past 12 years.

The front garden has turned into the glorious English cottage style garden I have dreamed of ever since I first read Jane Austen!

That's probably because we've had English weather: cool and rainy with some fog and extra drizzle.

The flowers think it's perfect!

Other stuff: we've wrapped up all the classes and I will be blogging them to finish the history, science, and religion series.

I had a birthday and we had an anniversary and I made a very fun visit to my folks (in which Mumpy had a birthday) and we are getting ready for another birthday- all of which I will get to on the blog!


Klenda got her driver's license!!


Both her driving class teacher and her testing inspector commented that she was a good safe driver!

 Hooray, Klenda!

Only 15 days until Zorg is eligible to try for his learner's permit...

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