Monday, May 9, 2016

Happy Birthday, Oob!

 Oob is 9!

He had a party with family!

And a party with friends at the Masters of Disasters class!

And cupcakes with his scout friends!

All on the same day!!!

He had a vanilla cake with chocolate frosting and cherry filling (and the Bionicle symbol).

And he had chocolate cupcakes with caramel frosting and...mustaches!

And other faces, really.

This one on the left he made to look like Mumpy! (Her comment: I didn't know I had that much hair- or that many teeth!)

 And he got loads of great presents!

A very happy day!

9 Great Things About Oob

1. He really likes dressing up in costumes.
2. He loves to say the Rosary, especially at night.
2. He likes to tell silly jokes.
3. He will ride his scooter anywhere he can!
4. He can build anything with Legos.
4. He can write in cursive.
5. He's a very astute bird watcher.
6. He loves doing science things.
6. He loves cute little animals, especially birds.
7. He's pretty cute, himself!
7. He likes to snuggle.
8. He likes to write with lots of explanation marks!!!
9. He likes to draw tanks.
9. He loves to help out!

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