Monday, May 30, 2016

Happy Memorial Day!

 We did our Memorial Day observances on Saturday to avoid Rolling Thunder and the President.

It turned out we also avoided the rain from the tropical storm coming up the coast on Sunday and Monday!

The one thing we did not avoid was the humid 90 degree temperature. I know that Memorial Day Weekend is the unofficial start of summer, but, really, with a high of 58 degrees earlier that week, 90 felt hot!
  This year we had loads of flowers, and I really enjoyed making up the bouquets for each grave.

Special flowers for special people: billowy peonies and foxgloves for Mom, Dad's beloved roses and irises for him. Old fashioned pansies and bleeding hearts for Moi (grandma).

Lots of family stories and happy memories!

Lots of prayers for our loved ones and their neighbors.

The Emperor's dad and grandparents are buried in the World War I section of Arlington (he was in WWII, Grandpa Frank was in WWI), so there aren't many graves still visited there, but we pray for them all.

 And then back home for a cookout, where Oob posted this helpful sign.

We did have a great time! 

The kids put on a play for us, the grown ups soaked in the air conditioning, and enough ribs, corn, and watermelon were eaten that everyone was ready for a nap!

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