Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Happy Birthday, Choclo!

Choclo is 11!

He had a great birthday!

We had been thinking of doing a beach trip, but what he wanted to do was feed the peacocks and chickens at Watkins Park.

That was super fun!  We got there at a quiet time and had very attentive animals all to ourselves.

There were llamas and rabbits, pigs and ducks (including a sitting duck, squatting in the middle of the path).

We even got to pet the pony.

As an added bonus, they had the carousel open!

This is the first time in ages that it's been open on a weekday.


11 Fantastic Things About Choclo!
1. He's always up for an adventure.
2. He loves silly jokes.
2. He's training to be an altar server.
3. He gives great hugs.
4. He's a master of Minecraft!
4. He's a Webelo scout.
5. He knows a lot about sharks.
6. He is a loving brother.
6. He has an enormous penguin collection.
7. He came up with his own proof that ther are larger and smaller infinities (it involved Legos).
8. He's a Lego master builder.
8. He's a pup lover, who likes cats, too.
9. He likes doing experiments.
10. He has his own magic show.
10. He likes to cook.
11. He loves GARLIC!!

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