Monday, October 17, 2016

Awesome History: Handel, Victoria, Garibaldi

These were chapters 79-81 and they went from a brief history of music, to the Victorian Age, the (contemporaneous) Civil War, the rise of Prussia, Florence Nightengale, and the unification of Italy. Lots to choose from!
For our active activity, we did hoop rolling and The Game of Graces (it's a game where you toss and catch a small hoop using sticks), activities for children on both sides of the Atlantic during this time period.

 For our art activity, we made decorative candle holders.  Florence Nightengale was called "The Lady of the Lamp," but we also put a Victorian decorative spin on these.

In advance, we mixed Mod Podge (glue) with liquid watercolors and coated the inside of mason jars.  Wet, they are opaque, but they become clear and jewel like as they dry over the course of 2-3 days.

 The kids decorated them with jewel stickers and paint.  To keep things simple (and to keep the holders mostly translucent), I gave them gold and silver paint with cotton swaps to make patterns of dots.

These came out beautifully!  I dried them in the oven so they could go home without smearing.

For our snack, we had tea and lemon cakelets with fancy carnation style icing!

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