Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Update or Why My Blogging is Sporadic

Not just regular sloth this time, my dad has has been doing very badly lately.

The good news about this (as hard as it is to believe that there could be good news) is that my superhero sister came home to help take care of him.

 In fact, she came in through BWI (the airport close to me) last Wednesday and I drove her up last Friday. 

In between we took her to National Gallery, her favorite museum!

 And then on Friday I drove her up to my folks, and the 5 hour drive took 8 crazy traffic filled hours.

Somewhere around the 7th hour, we stopped for gas and she got a bottle of peach aloe juice. 

"Try some," she said, "it's really good."

It had "pulp," which is literally translated as "small slug like bits of aloe that bump into your lips when you try to drink it."

She laughed...immoderately.

Amazingly, I did not actually leave her at the gas station.

Anyway, there is more good news.  We were starting to think my dad needed to be transferred to hospice, and instead he ended up in the hospital again where they found his sudden inability to walk and debilitating pain may turn out to be less cancer and Parkinson's and more an impinged nerve.

They can fix that!  But I'd be super grateful for prayers!


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Thanks, much appreciated

Sue Elvis said...


I'm sorry to hear your dad is in hospital, but what a blessing to have your sister visit you! I hope your dad's health improves quickly. Of course, you can have some prayers!