Saturday, October 1, 2016

Happy Birthday, Dear Emperor!

Happy birthday!  You're older than I  am!
For the next 8 months.

We actually had a birthday weekend since the Emperor, as part of his birthday present, was in and out all weekend attending the Gokhale conference.

We ended up celebrating three times, which was delightful and tasty!

A Few Great Things About the Emperor
1. He answers the hard questions that I never could.
2. He does DoCat with the kids after dinner.
3. He is the Comma King! (Hurrah for the Comma King!)
4. He can make an A plus feel like a slap in the face and a C minus feel like a gift from God.
5. He got me started exercising again!
6. He shows me all the funny stuff from Twitter without me actually having to wade through it all.
7. He's my favorite political wonk.
8. He makes beautiful children.
9. He makes me laugh!
10. He can whistle really well.
10. He reads to me.
11. He's the world's best partner for adventure games.
12. He's a dab hand at crosswords.
13. He'd always rather know the truth.
14. He's an ideal Lay Dominican.
15. He's the perfect person to talk things over with.
16. He has a cool head in a crisis.
17. He's interested in all sorts of things.
18. He has an eye for good art.
19. He has a growth mindset.
20. He's good at encouraging people.
21. He goes along with virtually all of my crazy ideas.
22. Except when it's a really bad idea!
23. He makes really good enchiladas.
24. He really likes my cooking!
25.He knows a crazy amount about comic books.
26. He writes excellent poetry.
27. He can talk in iambic pentameter.
27. He's a great driver.
28. He's a great (and patient!) driving instructor.
29. He's good at figuring things out.
30. He prays with me.
31. He sees potential in people.
32. He likes to park backwards, but he never runs over my bush.
33. He likes Gilbert and Sullivan.
34. He has a very nice singing voice.
35. He speaks French (although he says he's forgotten a lot).
36. He's got a quirky sense of humoor.
37. He stands tall (and glide walks)!
38. He is a great Game Master.
38. He's happy to try new things.
39. He knows a lot about Dr. Who.  Old Who, New Who, Non Canonical audio books...
40. The people at Big Finish send him Christmas cards! From England!
41. He's a great Dad!
42. He's the night time parent.
43. He's got a talent for quickly learning new things, and then teaching them more clearly.
44. If you ask him, he will draw you a sheep (the right way).
45. He cares about fairness, even when it's to his disadvantage.
46. He believes in lost causes, just because they're right.
47. He's my favorite.

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