Friday, October 28, 2016

Seven Quick Takes: Leaf Trees, Autumn Fun and Good News

1. We have been collecting leaves on all our  rambles, and we used them to make a tree out of leaves.

We used contact paper as the base this time, and it looked great for a few days, but the leaves peeled off as they dried.  Next time I would add a top layer of contact paper, or go back to taping individual leaves as we've done in the past.
2. And we have candy corn art and math.

Actually, I teach long division with a Halloween story any  time of the year:

The amount in the "house" is the amount of candy in the house.
The amount outside the "door" is the number of trick-or-treaters.
The amount on the "roof" is how much candy each trick-or treater got. 

Any remainder, as any child knows,  gets eaten by the parents.

3. And we have had 6 birthdays in the last two weeks!

My dear Father in Law was one.

 And The Redoubtable Bill was another!

4. In Bill's case, we gave him this fine shirt of Dr. Dinosaur examining a computer, painted by our very own Klenda!

Why, yes, her drawing/painting skills are amazing!

If you have not been reading Atomic Robo, it's the worlds best webcomic.

5. Puff war!  I'm not sure what this plant is, but it makes long brown pods in the fall. 

They look like vanilla beans, but they crack open to reveal a surprising amount of milkweed like puffs.

Which I suppose could be blown at other people if you were so inclined!

6.My biggest surprise lately has been that the job of organizing the Altar Flower Guild, which I thought was just a matter of getting people to do occasional flower arrangements, actually includes...a bit more.

I got a call that I needed to order all the Christmas flowers by the end of the month.

I looked at the blank sanctuary and wondered exactly how many poinsettias were needed...

Two thoughts occurred: I was  never good at the "guess how many jelly beans in the jar" thing, and I wish I had paid more attention last Christmas!

As it turns out, previous organizers were ready and willing to show me the ropes.  A very good thing!

7. Saving the best for last: the very best news this week is that my Dad is out of the hospital, in much less pain, and is doing really well with physical and occupational therapy - he's even walking a bit on his own already!Thanks to all those who prayed!  Considering that two weeks ago we were looking at hospice,  it really feels like a miraculous recovery.  So, thank you, and keep praying! I also pray for the intentions of everyone praying for my Dad.

Have a lovely weekend, and stop by Kelly for more 7QT fun!


Laurel said...

That is great way to do a tedious math lesson. Well done!

Wendy said...

Thanks! :) It's an idea I got from the now defunct blog Toad Haven.

Sue Elvis said...


I'm so pleased to hear the good news about your dad! I will pray for his continued recovery.

Wendy said...

Thanks, Sue!