Monday, February 27, 2017

Awesome American History: Pilgrims, Manhattan, Religious Freedom

 This was pages 14-22 in The American Story, by Jennifer Armstrong, covering 1620-1655.

The story we focused on was the Mayflower crossing, partly because my kids are remotely descended from those settlers. 

The second story was about the Dutch buying the island of Manhattan from the wrong tribe of Native Americans (the Dutch didn't understand the political struggle between three tribes and mistakenly believed the first tribe they came across was the uncontested owner of the island)

The third story was about Jewish people gaining citizen's rights in New Amsterdam (which became New York).

For the art activity, we constructed sailing ships, and for the active activity, we blew them across an "ocean" with autumn storms happening as they reached the middle of their journey.

Finally, for our snack we had pumpkin pie.

Super fun class and a great use of a beautiful warm spell in February!

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