Thursday, February 9, 2017


Choclo and Oob asked if they could be wrapped up like mummies.

Sure!  I was setting up one of the last Chemistry classes, so I asked Klenda to wrap.

She actually does a much neater job than I do!

It turned out they only wanted one mummy because the other one was going to be a professor, lecturing on mummies. 

Why, yes, we do watch a lot of documentaries, why do you ask?

The professor explained that this 5000 year old mummy was very special because it had not had it's brain removed.

Suddenly, to the horror of the gathered crowd, the mummy began to move!

Fortunately, it turned out that the mummy just wanted a hug from his mummy!


Sue Elvis said...


Mummies are so fascinating. They seem to capture our imaginations. A few days ago, a couple of my children went to a museum in Sydney and saw some mummies from the British Museum. It's amazing what they can find out about each mummified person, isn't it? How old they were, what they died of, how they spent their lives... I'm not sure I'd like to end up in a museum in a glass case. I'd rather be safely buried in the ground. But I do like being a normal kind of mummy. Hugs are good!

Wendy said...

I know what you mean about not wanting to end up in a glass case. I always feel the tension between the fascination of mummies and the respect for the fact that this is a person's body. The way we deal with it is to try not to view unwrapped mummies - that seems more disrespectful to the person, whereas viewing the wrappings seems more like viewing a grave.

I also prefer being the kind of mummy that gets hugs!