Friday, February 10, 2017

Seven Quick Takes: Random Hippos, Eyeballs, Dinos and Whatnot

1. I finished the last of the (separate) chemistry classes!  I still have a combined class/party, but the actual lessons are done.

I have to say, I loved having a boys' class and a girls' class.

But.  Stretching it out over twice as much time exceeded my attention span.  Sad but true. But I still like chemistry, and I really enjoyed all the kids!

And they liked it too.  You can tell because they made their own T shirts.

2. In other news, we lapped the seasons.

Our snow drops, the first of the spring flowers, are blooming.

And so are our camellias, the last of the fall flowers.

The weather has been crazy- we had highs in the 70s Wednesday, and in the low 30s  Thursday!

3. And speaking of crazy...  I'd like to know who put the googly eyes on the pruning shears.

And the door knobs.

And my computer.

4.  In other, other news, Choclo has taken up hippo wrestling. 

Everyone should have a hobby.

 5. In practically the best news ever, it's my dad's birthday on Saturday and we (Mxyl, Klenda, and I) are going up to see him!!!!

6. Did you know that this is a thing? I was blown away!

7. And I'll leave you with a bit of helpful (hopefully not relevant to you) art from Klenda:

Have a great weekend, more fun with Kelly!

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