Saturday, June 3, 2017

Jungle Room

Klenda and Leena wanted a jungle theme. 

I wasn't really sure what they meant by that, but, since they were capable of creating it themselves, I told them to go for it!

It's really quite lovely!  They painted the walls a peaceful green, got curtains in a natural "bark" color, and then draped the room in living and silk greenery.

They also got a little fountain decorated with birds, and moved the furniture so they had a lot of open space in the center of the room. 

The effect is rather like a peaceful forest glade.

Mxyl and Zorg liked the jungle idea, but went in more of a "jungle ruins" direction.

It's pretty cool that they made rooms with linked themes since these are the two rooms which are connected by a secret passage.

I also like it that, while they had a similar idea, they really did it in their own style.

It's been one of the real pleasures of parenting for me to watch my children grow into their own ideas and creative styles, and to see them come up with things that never would have occurred to me!

In case you are wondering, they do have beds in their bedrooms, but in both rooms, they put the beds against the same wall as the door, and you don't really see them when you first walk into the room

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