Friday, June 2, 2017

Room Switch!

 As of last weekend, we were finished with all our classes, had filed all our annual paperwork, had finally caught up with blogging, and no one was sick.

What would we do with ourselves?

We took everything out of all three kid bedrooms, re-painted, re-designed, and reshuffled room mates, then moved everything back in!

 Fortunately, the Zoomlians are old enough to do a lot of the work themselves! The oldest four did all the moving and taping.

Klenda and Leena painted their room. 

Mxyl and Zorg painted the base coat in Choclo and Oob's room.

Meanwhile, we kept the gold in Mxyl and Zorg's room as a base coat, and I ragged on some texture to make it look like stone.

Later I did a bronze color wash over the yellow walls in Choclo and Oob's room. I hadn't realized that I had managed to pick up an oil based glaze.  It worked fine in that the oil bonded well with the latex undercoat, but I won't be able to repaint with latex later without treating the walls first.

Ah, well, the oil gives a depth and shimmer that are really beautiful.

Tomorrow: our results!

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