Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Apple-ying Ourselves

 So, did I mention the kids picked 87 pounds of apples?  Five kinds: Fuji, Aztec Fuji, Sun Crisp, Jonagold, and Cameo.

When most people hear this, they respond in one of two ways. 

If they know me, they roll their eyes.

 If they don't, they ask what I am going to do with all those apples.

 It's a lot of apples.

So far: apple sauce, apple butter, apple dippers,  apple pie, apple fritters (which I totally cheated and used as "German Apple Fritters" for our immigrant food project in Awesome History), and we've just eaten a lot of apples!
We also have enjoyed giving away fresh picked apples to our friends and relations.

 And we'll have more apple sauce and possibly butter in our future, definitely more pies and dippers, probably apple cake and apple quick bread, pork and apples, and maybe apple fruit leather.

And we'll keep eating lots of apples!

Klenda made this beautiful caramel apple pie to welcome us home from NJ.
 And, evidently, art projects.  I was informed that this apple has the intelligence of a two year old child that can not speak.

The pear (also created without my knowledge, but by another child) has a similar intelligence level.

They also informed me that this particular apple and pear were "strange."

So now you know.

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