Monday, October 16, 2017

Painted Pumpkins

 One October, many years ago, we bought 6 pumpkins, one for each kid, and stored them festively on the porch, waiting for carving.

Someone stole one, evidently thinking that we had a lot of pumpkins, and wouldn't miss one.  We did.

Leena's Tahu mask, Oob's Soundwave, Zorg's Deathstroke
For those of you living in other climates, around here you can't carve your pumpkins more than a few days before Halloween, because, after that, they start to rot.

Mxyl's Wanderer above a Sea of Fog
But we figured out that we could paint our pumpkins, and since then, we've painted our pumpkins with Biocolor, a kind of washable paint that you can peel off of any nonporous surface.  When we're ready to carve, we peel and wash off the paint and go at it!

Klenda's Hydra

 It's actually doubled our enjoyment: we get to do two fun and creative things with our pumpkins!

Usually, I neither paint nor carve a pumpkin because I'm helping out various kids.  As they get older, and need less help, I find myself at loose ends.

This year, I started doodling on a white (eating) pumpkin with a marker, and then on a gourd, and then things got out of hand.

 But it was fun!

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