Monday, October 9, 2017

NJ Trip

Zorg with Tacky Man!
 This time I went up with Zorg, who is a little over half way through his 60 hours of driving practice.  Going to visit my more rural folks lets us practice driving on highways that are a bit less crowded than the ones closer to home.

It was his first time on any highway, and he did really well!

While we were there, his grandparents decided to give him a late birthday celebration.

This makes me feel less bad about our candle tradition in which I never have enough candles, so I put them on in binary.  The Emperor just had 2 lit candles and 4 unlit candles.

My folks just go with whatever candles they have on hand, which makes Zorg 120.  And I'm old enough to be his mother!  And Mumpy is old enough to be his grandmother!

While we were up there, we planted a little garden of mums, daffodils, my Dad's favorite coneflowers, and some asters that are my Mom's favorite color.

This part is in front of the driveway, but we also did some in front of the house.

And we picked pears!

This time they had some extremely cool and effective fruit picking tools.
 How cool? 

This cool!

How effective?
 We picked 200 pears!!

And the weather and changing leaves were lovely!  Best of all, it was just wonderful to see Mumpy and Pa, and have some time with them!

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