Monday, January 1, 2018

On the Eighth Day of Christmas

The Zoomlians give to you: best wishes for a happy and blessed 2018!

And for extra fun: a post from Oob!

Today’s report: January first, morning.
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Welcome, 2018! Goodbye, 2017! 
Indeed, I hope we can all have A happy new year. But WHAT a new year! (totally not a reference…) anyway, so the Zoomlians have been hard at work this morning, and having some fun along the way.
They opened presents! They changed the sheets! They took baths! (well, some didn’t need it.)
I wrote a post! Saying: “today’s report: ja-“ no wait… this morning, the Zoomlians wish you a happy new year (along with a merry Christmas season)! I also hope to get a afternoon and
Evening report soon. GOODBYE!!!

Blogkeepers note: Since the Zoomlians favorite (non religious) part of Christmas is giving presents, and since we like to open a present and then spend time enjoying it, we end up opening presents throughout most of the 12 days of Christmas.

For extra extra fun, here's an explanatory post along with pictures from 5 years ago today!

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