Thursday, January 25, 2018

The Hat

 My sister knew she was getting the scarf.  She did not know she was also getting a hat.  An unusual hat.

I felt such an unusual hat deserved an explanation, so I sent an explanatory note:

So.  You might be wondering about the hat.  Two things: I had just finished knitting you a scarf the size of South Dakota, BUT, I had bought enough to cover all the (acrylic) sheep in Wyoming.  AND, after knitting maniacally, compulsively, that much, I couldn't stop cold.

You should also know that it didn't come out exactly as I had imagined.  I was thinking a really long, fun (but cute) stocking cap type hat.  But I kept double knitting so it was too short and too thick.

However, I think this style hat may work quite well for North Dakota.  Note the top area with room for a space heater.  Or possibly several hand warmers.  Also, very handy for a visiting bishop.  Or for impersonating a  frozen garden gnome.  Plus, storage space for snowballs!  It is also stiff enough to make an excellent tea cozy.

I suppose you could even fold over the ribbing and wear it as a normal hat. 

Still, obviously, it's most significant use will be evidence (at long last!) of an act of heroic virtue should you ever be called upon to testify for the Holy See, namely, the astonishing self restraint I showed (modestly enough) by NOT crowning this magnificent hat with a truly enormous pom pom!  Also, I ran out of yarn.  

Enjoy, and feel free to pass it on to anyone on your ecclesial team that laughed about it.

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