Monday, November 19, 2007

The Imperfect Trip

After 10 years and 6 kids, I just had the loudest trip to the pediatrician's ever. Forget decibels, it was recorded by seismographs several counties away.

It was just me, Choclo and Oob. And several million ear dwelling bacteria, but I didn't know that when we started. I just wanted to know why Choclo was so cranky and thought we'd better check Oob while we were at it. I suspected the ears and dreaded the trip.

Choclo is smart. I remember wishing I had a genius child... I wish I had thought that through. I am sure that some day I will be glad for his excellent memory and creative problem solving, but the point at which he had squirmed under the chairs in the examining room, holding on to the back chair legs for dear life while screaming at the top of his lungs (and encouraging Oob to do the same), such gratitude did not occur to me.

I guess he hasn't forgotten, let alone forgiven, the shots 6 months ago.

Two nice things: I realized this would have been this bad if I had only had 2 kids, and I realized that when I did have only 2 kids, this sort of thing ruined my day. From the 6 kid viewpoint, I remembered the perfect trip from a few days ago, laughed at the cosmic melodrama and wished the doctor a quieter day.

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