Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Perfect Trip

We had a one in a million shopping trip at the grocery store this morning: the kids, unasked, pushed the cart and loaded and unloaded the conveyor while chatting nicely with the cashier and each other while the toddler made the baby giggle... The cashier asked if the kids were home schooled and I, of course, smiled like it was always like this and said, "Why, yes, we do. That's why my children are so well socialized." OK, so I didn't say the last part out loud! Still, it's kind of nice to not look like a lunatic all the time!

If you home school or have a large family, don't you feel like, good or bad, you are the poster family in people's minds? If you are having a bad day, you are the reason children should never be home schooled. If there is a rare planetary conjunction like today, you are the proof that home schooling produces model citizens. Same for large families. I, personally, do not seem to attract negative comments, not because my children are usually so perfect, but, I think, because people with negative comments seem to have a sense of who will or will not answer back. Must be a vestigial hunting instinct, but they avoid the lunatic with a glint in her eye!

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