Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Super Kids Day

We had Super Kids Day here on Friday. This is an example of the random holidays which pop up here from time to time and which usually begin with, "Can we have a _____ day?"

This holiday involves only 2 steps of preparation both of which can be done at 6 am :1. Think of a good Super Hero name and 2. Find the perfect cape (except in Mxyl's case, Starboy does not wear a cape, just a mask and all black, easily accomplished by wearing his sweatshirt backwards.)

This holiday can be properly celebrated by:
1. Doing your chores using your super speed and super strength.
2. Doing your home school with your super smarts.
3. Responding every time you are called with, "Here I come to save the daaaaay!" (speaking in a heroic voice at all other times is optional and not for those prone to headaches) .
4. Lengthy debates on the merits of various super powers.
5. Staging various rescues of smaller children, pets, stuffed animals or parents.
6. Tracing yourself and coloring in your costume (optional, hanging it on the ceiling. Extra option: make a large monster to hang on the ceiling for your superhero self to fight).
7. Creating various artwork and writing detailing your fabulous exploits.

Around 7:15, Zorg brought me a space themed bed sheet (covered with stars, planets, and galaxies) and told me, "You can be Space Mom!"

Spaaaaaaaaace MOM!!!!!

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