Friday, March 7, 2008

Helmets R Us

Ask about our line of practically authentic tabards, too!

Here is Leena with our original style helmet. It is simply 2 pieces of construction paper cut in an arc and stapled together for the basic helmet. The visor is a third piece of paper, folded in quarters and cut on a diagonal. You can then cut slits in this shape either horizontally (use small staggered slits) or vertically (as here). One time we did this and added ostrich plumes (an enchanting extravagance!) but we had to make do with paper plumes this time.

Alas, our older knights are getting bigger heads, and the 9 x 12 paper wasn't big enough for them. I'll get bigger paper, but for now, the historically earlier soup can style works well. Staple 2 sheets into a cylinder and use a third sheet to cut out a cone with a slit. Tape the cone to the top. They added a nice red plume after i took this shot. Much scarier than the visored model. That's Klenda posing as the Black Knight and showing off her tabard.

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