Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Last of the Lenten Gospel Desserts

Yet another plan vs. reality post, I'm afraid! I had planned, last Sunday, to construct Lazarus' tomb out of rice crispy treats (not cut into squares, just molded while warm). Instead, we continued celebrating Leena's birthday with her third and final birthday cake: the Squirrel Cake. She loved it!

I figured I'd do a great Palm Sunday dessert: a long coffee cake alternately sliced to look like a palm branch!

Actually, we had our Medieval Feast today, and so ended up eating spice cakes with stewed apples... Sometimes it's hard to do all the themes at once.

Here's what happened. The Emperor was slated to go on a rare trip to a teacher's conference. When the kids got wind of it, they flipped! Klenda declared, "One night without Daddy would be terrible! Two nights would be horrible!!! Three nights, I couldn't stand!!! BUT, I CAN'T LIVE FOR FIVE NIGHTS WITHOUT DADDY!!!"

So, what did they do? They all began to pray feverishly that Daddy would not go. That was Sunday, he was supposed to leave Thursday. When the Emperor went into work on Monday, he discovered that The Powers That Be had actually forgotten to send in his registration and hotel reservation. So, he couldn't go. That thumpity-thump-thump sound was the noise 4 pairs of knees make as they hit the floor to praise and thank God.

So we could have had the feast Thursday after all, but then it was too late. We rescheduled for Sunday but Leena woke up with a fever. She's OK now, but we couldn't have guests... The upshot was the 8 of us and an enormous feast and a lot of leftovers.

Still, we had a great time! The reports went well and there were lots of questions and answers. It's always interesting to hear the kids discussing with each other what they have learned. The Zoomlians had learned more than I had realized!

Tomorrow the castle will come down and Holy Week stuff will go up.

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Kate in NJ said...

Great cake, and I am glad to read when things don't go "as planned" for you..they always still look and sound great and it reminds me to look for the good that happened here, even when my plan "fell apart".
Thanks for the reminder and I am so glad the Zoomlians did not have to go without their Emperor! ;-)