Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Do NOT Try This At Home!

Or anywhere else! I mean, of course, the flour paste stained glass leading. Not only did it slip and drip while drying, but, as it dried, it shrunk, peeling itself off the window into teeny tiny pieces all over everything. Bah, humbug! Wax paper stained glass it is!

We also have had to shift and scale back the Feast somewhat since The Emperor's trip landed on that date.

Oh, yeah, it turns out that if your kids toss dirt into the heat pump while it is running in order to watch it spew back up, it will unbalance the fan and burn out the motor. It's been a day for small disasters.

In happier news, we did the tabards with markers and we are currently working on the helmets. We have branched off into making different helmet shapes. I think we also wowed, or at least baffled, the heat pump repair guy. Pictures to follow...

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