Friday, March 28, 2008

Happy Easter Sunday!

During the octave of Easter, we pray the same psalms in the Office for the whole 8 days. This is intended as a fore taste of the eternity which the Resurrection promises us. In practical terms it means Easter Sunday lasts for 8 days! Do you do regular schoolwork on Easter Sunday? NO!

We've had a week of egg hunts, games (Big Brain Academy is a whole 'nother post), art projects, and hanging out. Amidst all this, we took a trip to the Arboretum and soaked in the Beauty.

I have been thinking about Lissa's thread about parenting, so after we picnicked amidst the magnolias, when Leena asked to explore up the hill, I said, "Sure". We discovered this view:
We also discovered that it was worth the long trudge up the hill to fly at breakneck speed down the hill.Lastly, long after I had planned to head for home, we discovered a pine forest and tromped around the woods for a good hour or so. We were explorers and pathfinders and scientists wondering why and how and who. It was fascinating and lovely and fun, and it reminded me of why I love to home school. I feel I am at the turning of a tide in my home school. A new tide, something important and good is coming in. We did much more at the Arboretum than we usually do. We visited the fish (too early in the year to feed them), perused the herb garden with it's fantastic arbors (which the Zoomlians call Troll Caves), played hide and seek at the "castle" (the old capitol columns, set up to look like ruins), and played beneath the grand Higan weeping cherries whose graceful flowers cascade nearly to the ground. It's like being in the heart of a waterfall of blossoms, maybe the heart of Spring, in some sense a revelation of the mystery of Easter.


La Bibliotecaria Laura said...

Christ is Risen! He is truly Risen!

Wendy said...

Indeed He is risen!