Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Fun

So what are we doing while snowed in (since we're obviously not blogging much)?

We spent a lot of time being amazed at the weather. The blizzard winds were strong enough that the icicles on the windy side of the house were all angled. It was actually a little disorienting.

Here you can see a table on my neighbor's patio. That chain link fence is 4 feet high.

Most of the time we were getting ready for a retreat that we were hosting this weekend. That was canceled by the snow, of course. A friend asked if I were disappointed.

I will definitely miss seeing our priest friend that was flying in to do the retreat. I was excited about the retreat, but I figure God knows what he is doing, so, no, not exactly disappointed. Plus, I'm never going to be sorry I cleaned up the house!!

The Emperor is working on a talk he'll be giving next month.

We've been playing in the snow. And shoveling.

We've all been working on valentines. We have heart envelopes hanging on the wall for each person's valentines. I have a scavenger hunt planned and some other games. I'll be making heart muffins (or pancakes) for breakfast, and heart pizza for dinner, but I haven't come up with an appropriate lunch yet. Of course there will be Pink Burping Cows of Love.

I am starting to plan out Lent! I hope to post on that very soon.

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