Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow More!

What to do when hit with another blizzard? Science experiments, of course!

Here's an easy one. Use a measuring cup to measure 4 cups of snow (dip and sweep with a flat edge to get an accurate measure).

Here's Zorg with our 4 cups.
But how much is there, really?

First we tried packing it down. We ended up going from 4 cups to 2 cups, as Mxyl shows.

Everyone knows that water takes up less space than snow, so next we melted it (in the microwave).

Leena is showing that there was only 1/2 cup of water in those 4 cups of snow!

Our snow was wet and dense, we plan to try again with "drier" snow near the end of the blizzard!

So, about that blizzard...

First, I have to tell you, digging out from the last one was tough!

How do you get 2 feet of snow off of a 7 foot van?

My answer was an ever obliging, indefatigable ( I knew watching Horatio Hornblower would pay off someday) Emperor!

Klenda, at the beginning, stated, "I don't know how to play in this much snow."

True, you can't sled, there's no place to make a snowman, and, if you try to make a snow angel, we may not find you until Spring. The Emperor's one word advice?

So, the Zoomlians have been busy digging out snow caves. (Yes, Pa, we are being careful!)

It never really thawed between storms, but the old snow rather solidified. This means that the kids can run around on top of the snow most of the time.

Sometimes they plunge through, but such dangers merely add zest to the undertaking.

How much snow is there? It's hard to tell with the fresh snow because of the high winds (and all the old snow). Also, there are mountains of snow everywhere from people trying to dig out.

To give some perspective, the branches on this tree start 5 feet off of the ground.

If you ever wanted to recapture the feeling of going out in the snow as a little kid, this storm is for you!

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