Saturday, May 15, 2010

Oh Say Did You See

Fort McHenry, birthplace of The Star Spangled Banner?

We are rolling along in our US History and have just finished up the War of 1812 in USKids History: Book of the New American Nation and USKids History: Book of the New American Nation. The best of all possible recaps was to go visit Fort McHenry. The three oldest kids were born within ten miles of the Fort, and it's still only 40 minutes away, so this was an easy trip for us.

Despite the fact that it was crowded with school groups, it was a great visit. If you've never been there, Fort McHenry is a star shaped fort made of brick and earth works. It's a remarkably beautiful design, although the reason for the shape has more to do with defensibility than elegance!

One of the best things about touring the fort is that you really get to explore. There are all kinds of underground powder magazines and bomb shelters. The Zoomlians loved it!

I enjoyed locking them in the jail for a while. But I missed them...

We went up on the battlements and had fun with the cannons. Really, what's not to like about playing with cannons?

It was also a splendid view of the harbor.

And a very nice time was had by all!

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