Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Birthday, Oob!

Our marvelous Oob is 3!!!

He had a dinosaur themed birthday. I will admit, the cake was pretty simple (it's a 9 x 13 sheet cake with the corners cut off), but covering it with jelly bean "spots" more than made up for it!

Three great things Oob can do:
1 He makes a really accurate fire engine sound.
2 He couldn't care less about learning his colors until we figured out that each of Bob the Builder's machines was a different color. Within 5 minutes, he knew them cold.
3 He will contentedly hammer with anything on anything for a longer time than you would believe. If that doesn't sound great, I have two words: attention span.

Three sweet things about Oob:
1 He puts off going to bed by asking, "One more kiss?"
2 When you pick him up, he leans his head on your shoulder with a contented sigh.
3 He loves to sing Amazing Grace with you.

Three silly things about Oob:
1 He loves to pretend he is a puppy. On his birthday, we visited a pet store and bought a (plastic) doggy bone which is now a very favorite toy (along with the hammering bench).
2 He loves to give you tickley kisses on your neck.
3 He is firmly convinced that you can't see him if he covers his eyes.

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