Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hobbit Birthday!

I like to celebrate my "big" birthdays as Hobbit Birthdays. A Hobbit Birthday is when you celebrate by giving your friends presents and a party (like Bilbo in The Hobbit).

I turned forty some time last week (we know not to put our birth date on the web to prevent identity theft, right?) and I managed to give my friends a surprise party! I happened to be hosting a co-op parents' meeting a few days before my birthday... Surprise! It's also a birthday party!

I had planned a very elegant (by my standards) party - my grandmother's teacup collection was involved. I made a fancy flourless chocolate cake.
I spent an embarrassing amount of time in the store, matching the tablecloth, napkins, and plates.

The day of the party, I was going to take down all the dinosaur decorations from Oob's party and put up something more that would match the Dutch Masters themed napkins. Then it hit me... dinosaurs... I'm turning 40... It's perfect! I suspect dinosaurs plus Dutch Masters matches me more somehow...

The party was a lot of fun. I had bought teacups for the guests and written on each tag some of the reasons I was glad that person was my friend. It's hard to believe that 8 years ago I knew no one in this area and I was praying that God would send me at least one Catholic homeschooling friend. I had 9 of them show up at the party!

I also had a smaller dinner party for my extended family on the actual day (Bill and Tracy, you knew you counted as extended family, right?). Also lovely.

This has been the happiest birthday I can remember. I think it's because I've really been able to focus on all the things (and people!) I am so thankful to have known in my life. Forty makes me think: What has God given me? What has He tried to teach me? What have I learned?

Extra bonus points if you can find the dinosaur in the picture!


SAHMinIL said...

The dinosaur is a triceratops.:)

Wendy said...

You win!!! I award you an honorary cup of tea (in a fancy teacup)! P|

SAHMinIL said...

Thanks :)