Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Big Trip

We're back! We had a fantastic time in New Orleans!

We stayed with our friend Fr. Mark. He had mentioned that southern architecture was more... elegant than we were used to. Well, yes. This first picture is the seminary where he lives (and we stayed).

We toured the entire city! This is the Cathedral in Jackson Square (the first place I prayed for the Emperor!). It's dedicated to St. Louis, one of my favorite saints.
And we had begneits at the Cafe Du Monde!

We also saw some of the more rural areas. Really remarkably beautiful. Best of all was this tree.

You can take the home schooler away from home, but... Here is Chalmette Battlefield - the site of the Battle of New Orleans, the last battle of the War of 1812! There really is nothing like touring historical places with your own private historian. Fr. Mark's doctorate is in Church History, but most of his other degrees are in secular history. For one thing, we knew to take the picture with this cannon instead of the other anachronistic Civil War cannons. Also, when talking cannons with a priest historian, the opportunities for puns are fantastic! (He's lucky he wasn't a canon lawyer).

Back at the ranch...
The kids had a wonderful time with Mumpy and Angel. Best of all, Tio came and recruited them to play soccer for Spain!

And the Zoomlians loved the masks we found for them in the French Quarter!

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Jennifer @ Conversion Diary said...

What an awesome trip! Mmm, begneits at Cafe de Monde...that sounds sooo wonderful. My husband and I visited New Orleans years ago and I recall that being one of our favorites as well. (Unfortunately we weren't Catholic then, so we missed half the cool stuff in the city.)

Also, this is totally random, but I am so interested in the fact that you're a homeschooling mom and lay Dominican. If you can spare a second would you mind emailing me? I have a couple of quick questions I'd love to ask you about that. (Sorry to ask in a comment - I was going to email you but didn't see an address.) :)

Hope your summer is off to a good start!