Wednesday, February 2, 2011


We gave Klenda Epic Mickey for her birthday.

We are big fans of the old comic strips, "Mickey Vs. the Phantom Blot," and "Mickey on Sky Island" being our favorites, so we were so excited to see this come out.

It was fantastic! But after half an hour, Choclo was sick of it.


After we had cleaned up the couch and gotten him packed off to bed, Klenda turned out to be sick, too. In fact, Zorg and Mxyl also weren't feeling too well.

We had gotten hit with an epic stomach bug!

Or had we?

Mxyl figured it out first: it was the game that was making us sick!

A quick Google search confirmed that this was not an isolated problem. Ugh!

It turns out that you can condition yourself out of it, but so far, we haven't had the guts to try.

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