Thursday, February 17, 2011


Mxyl and Zorg picked out paint and painted their new room! It's actually 4 colors of purple.

Naturally, the girls wanted new paint, too. They were willing to do the work and pay for the paint, so that was an easy yes.

Then I felt the younger boys might want a color of their choice in their room since the older boys had pretty much picked out the silver spaceship theme that was there now. I asked and they (both!) said, "Purple!"

Just to be sure, I asked again,"Right now, your room is silver. Do you want it to be silver, or purple?"


Fine. I bought the purple paint for them, went home and got the older boys started on their room. I went off and made dinner.

Around dinner time, Choclo came downstairs with a face of utter woe: "You painted it silver! I wanted purple!"

Somehow he hadn't really noticed that he had been living in a silver room for the last year? It took an amazing amount of time to convince him that I had not, in actual fact, popped up to his room and painted the whole thing silver while making dinner. Sigh.

Eventually, it was OK, But the emperor told me later that night that Choclo's "not-so-happy thing" that day was that Mommy had painted his room silver!

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