Saturday, February 12, 2011

Winds of Change

Things are really moving around here! We finally decided that yes, we should get Oob out of a crib before he graduates high school.

He's actually three, but I think we unconsciously baby him a bit.

Or maybe it's just that he goes to bed so nicely and happily and he likes his crib.

Or maybe it's just that I will just never ever feel like it's a good time to do the small child wandering around at night thing. Sigh.

Actually, I think it has to do with this: If we move Oob, we have to move him somewhere. Do we squeeze 4 boys in one room? Probably not. So that means reclaiming another room, probably our Lego/exercise/storage room, which means we need to figure out where to put all of that stuff, which means reorganizing most of the rooms in the house!

Yeah, I think the real reason Oob has been in the crib so long has more to do with my mortal dread of major household reorganization than anything else.

This too shall pass! In the mean time, Mxyl has posted a note on the Lego room door: Coming Soon: The Doom Room, currently under construction.

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Annabelle said...

Don't feel bad, I just moved my youngest out of his crib at 5 years old last summer! Same reasons... he liked his crib, he never tried to climb out, he fit in it (well it was getting tighter at the end!) and if we moved him we would have to do something big! We managed, but why the hurry? ;)