Monday, October 7, 2013

Oob Says More

Oob: I washed my hair!
 (meaning I put water on it so it sticks up)
Because it's Monday!

Oob: Can I have mayonnaise on my toast?

Me: Sure, honey, if you like.

Oob (clutching the jar to his heart): Mayonnaise!!  It's so...precious!!!

Another day.

Oob: Mom, is running around like a crazy person good exercise for you?

Me: Ummmm.  Probably.

Oob: Will you run around like a crazy person with me??

(Judging from how tired it made me, yes, it was very good exercise.)

UPDATE: Extra Bonus Fun from Choclo!

Me: Would you like to watch Curious George 2?

Choclo: Oh, yes!  (dreamily) George is so...glorious.

At pajama time this evening, reported by Mxyl

Oob: Oh, heavens!  Why did I ever join the footsie team?

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