Friday, October 25, 2013

Seven Quick Takes: Silliness

1.  Oob: My doughnut has a spider web on it?!  This looks like a job for...Eat Doughnut Man!  CHOMP!

So now, in those crisis situations where there are doughnuts to be eaten... you know who to call.

2. Researcher (doing a developmental research study): Is there anything that makes you feel scared?

Choclo: A giant nut party! That's pretty much my nightmare, because I really don't like nuts.

(I had no idea he didn't like nuts.  Clearly, I have scarred him for life. Also, it feels like a giant nut party pretty often around here.)

3. I have a very dear friend who does not have sweet tooth - she has a vegetable tooth, instead- so we had to get creative with her birthday cake.

The "layers" are sections of a giant purple cabbage, the "frosting" is frilly lettuce, and the "roses" are radishes.

She loved it!

Why was I taking this picture?
4. At the arboretum this week, enjoying the fall leaves,

 Oob: Take a picture of me! (stuffs leaves in front of his face)

Me: Oob!  What are you doing?  It came out like this. (shows him picture)
He went thataway

Oob: Will you put it on the blog? (evidently) 

 5. Also from the arboretum trip.  Not exactly funny, just Mxyl looking awesome!

You lookin' at me?
6. We had a spectacularly successful trip to the thrift store this week: we found really warm winter coats for the two kids that needed them, one pair of snow pants, games for the co-op, a new tea cup, and...a giant chicken!

Zorg found this at the last minute and was willing to spend his own money.  It was a great investment!

Yes, the mask is a little creepy, but there is something special about casually mentioning that you got a giant chicken, then producing said chicken while it makes strange clucking noises.

7. It may be just my sense of humor, but I find the chicken endlessly amusing (as can be seen in the following text).

Which may be all you need to know.

Have a great weekend!

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