Monday, October 21, 2013

Ducky Day

Last week's rainy day!

When Mxyl and Klenda were toddlers, we loved rainy days.  There was a park near our house which developed large shallow puddles, and we would suit up and go splash and dabble about like ducks.

Somehow, this turned into "Ducky Days!"

Whenever it rains enough to get really nice puddles, the kids all go out and play in the rain, quacking like ducks.

Then they come inside for popcorn and warm chocolate. Yum!

When thy were very little, they would then often watch a movie of some sort while I washed and dried their clothes, but they don't get quite so muddy nowadays!

We haven't had a good several day rain in a while.  It takes several days to really fill up the big puddles.  This Ducky Day was really one good rainy day, and they were just playing in our yard.

In the past, we have had days and puddles where the water topped the wellies and we had to dump out all the boots!


Sue Elvis said...

Wendy, rain sounds so good at the moment! We need days of good drenching rain to put out the bushfires.

Popcorn, warm chocolate and a movie, after splashing in the puddles... oh that sounds like a perfect way to spend an afternoon!

Wendy said...

God bless you, I hope you get the rain soon!

One of the gifts of being more relaxed with the homeschooling is getting to take the time to have fun together like that!