Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Apple Picking

 Last week we made it to Larriland for apple picking!

It was an amazingly beautiful day: perfectly clear and about 75 degrees while we were there.

They had Mutsu (my favorite), Empire, Ida Red, and Golden Delicious (no relation to the icky Red Delicious) varieties ripe.

63 lb=29 kg
The Zoomlians rapidly picked 63 pounds of apples (!).  Actually, I think it was 65, but they told us not to pay for the ones we ate (it was factored into the price).

 Next it was off to the pumpkin field where everyone quickly found one they liked.

I remember there being a lot more angst when the kids were younger: does this pumpkin truly express who I am?

Or, possibly, it was the fact that the cool rainy summer produced a huge number of very large, very perfect pumpkins!

Next up, we stopped by the broccoli field, intending to get two, perhaps 3 heads of broccoli.  But I didn't specify that quickly enough, so we ended up with six heads... nearly 8 pounds.

I thought it was a problem until I tasted the broccoli: that was the best broccoli I've ever had! We had it as soup, as plain (steamed) broccoli,  raw, and also added to other dishes.

We also got some mini pumpkins, some warty gourds, some very pretty popcorn on the cob, and an amazing array of summer and winter squashes!

Next time, I'll tell you where the first 40 pounds of apples went!


Sue Elvis said...


What a great day out! I love apples. I wonder if you have different varieties to us. I know about red and golden delicious. I'm not fond of either! But the others you mention are unfamiliar. I like pink lady, fuji, and sundowner best. Granny Smiths are good too. My favourite apples are red and crisp and sweet!

Wendy said...

Have you had fresh picked golden delicious? They really are delicious! But they turn mealy very quickly when stored, and I have never had a good one from a store.

Fuji and honeycrisp are my favorites from the store. I think I had a pink lady, and liked it very much - I'll have to keep an eye out for a sundowner! I do like Granny Smiths, but lately the ones from the store have been very hard and sour - like they were picked too unripe.

Larriland has about 25 varieties, many of which I've never heard, but usually only 4 varieties are ripe at any time.