Friday, October 11, 2013

A Visit to the Walters

We went for a visit to The Walters last Sunday.  I don't think we've ever been there on a weekend, but it was not as crowded as I had feared.

There was plenty of space to sit and sketch, and they had "art carts" with blocks, books, and activities themed around the exhibits!

Mxyl was actually there on a field trip for his college art history class, but the rest of us tagged along and just enjoyed the museum.

I think my favorite part is their medieval section. It's really fun for the kids, and I enjoy all the religious art.  There is something so special to seeing a rosary that's 800 years old, or a Mass kit that's 1600 years old (!), and realize that connection with people across time: they prayed the way I do... What was essential to them is the same thing that's still essential to me!  It's such a deeply personal connection.

I guess it's a physical connection to the Communion of the Saints!

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Sue Elvis said...


Connections with people over time... that is such a fascinating thought. People lived before us praying the Rosary and celebrating Mass, and they are no longer here, but we are still continuing the Faith. And one day we will all meet up!