Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Happy First Day of No School!

 To celebrate, we started off with Mass, then a playground hop.

This great new super hero themed playground opened last month, and this was the first chance we had to try it.

It was, well, super!

We met some home schooling friends there, so we had some company.  Extra fun!!

Klenda really liked the rings!

One odd thing about this playground is it's super secret location.  Google maps directed me to a local school (irony alert!), and told me to walk in a particular direction.

We parked at the school and walked over the river and through the woods, and found the playground...and a large parking lot.

I was able to work out a good set of directions for next time anyway!

We ended up staying there most of the morning, but we squeezed in a  side trip to the Alien Playground on the way back, so we are counting it as a playground hop!

We invited our friends back for lunch, games, and ice cream making, so it was a highly successful First Day of No School!

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