Wednesday, August 20, 2014

More Inspiring Bloggers

I almost forgot!  As part of the award, I'm supposed to nominate the bloggers that inspire me!

Actually, I'm supposed to nominate, the fifteen bloggers that I find most inspiring...

Ummm.  I don't actually follow that many blogs!

But the blogs I do follow, I follow because I find them inspiring.  I only read blogs (regularly anyway) if I feel they make me better in some way. 

So, I would nominate Sue, over at Stories of an Unschooling Family, except of course, she nominated me, and then if she had to write 7 more things and nominate more people, and if she were to nominate me again, well, a small corner of the blogosphere might get bogged down for a very long time.  :)  But I love her... how to put it?  Her love based approach to home schooling.  She's well worth the look, if you aren't reading her stuff already!

I will definitely nominate Queen of Carrots at The Duchy of Burgandy Carrots.  If you haven't been reading her book review mash up and analysis of  intelligence in the characters of Pride and Prejudice, you are missing out!

Other blogs I find inspiring don't read my blog at all, but, if they did, I would say:

The Dominican Student Brothers at Dominicana (inspiring in the literal sense!  Also thought provoking and usually funny)

Ann  at A Holy Experience (truth in advertising: reading her blog usually is a holy experience!)

 Jen at Conversion Diary (true, fun, and funny without being snarky.)

Sr. Mary Martha at Ask Sr. Mary Martha (tough, funny, compassionate answers about the faith).

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Sue Elvis said...


You made me smile over the continuing circle of nominations! Shall we accept another award each? Let's have a few of them!

Thank you for your kind words. You are such a beautiful person, spreading joy.

I will look up the blogs you mentioned. I didn't have 15 blogs to nominate either. I just ignored that part of the award. I don't suppose there are any award police watching out for bloggers who break the rules!