Monday, August 18, 2014

More Sunflowers! Plus Lobsters and Stuff

 Last week I went up for a visit to my folks with Mxyl and Klenda (who had missed the last visit while in Spain).

As it happened, we were there in sunflower season!

These pictures (and the ones with the poems) were taken less than a mile from my parents house, just up the road at Brodhekers farm.

They've been growing sunflowers (for bird seed) in the field next to the main road.

When the field is in bloom, it's a sight to behold!

All the flowers "follow" the sun by keeping their "faces" turned toward it as it moves across the sky.  In the Middle Ages, this was seen as an analogy for the way we should keep our faces turned toward God at all times.

Also, in practical terms, it means that you can stand on the viewing platform (helpfully supplied by the farm) and see every smiling sunflower at the same time!

We had a great time visiting with Mumpy and Pa!  On the first day we went grocery shopping with them, and Pa asked the kids if they had ever had lobster.

In fact, they had not, so he bought them each a lobster.  Klenda named hers Ruby, because he was red.  Mxyl named his Sapphire, because he wasn't.

Here they are with Klenda draping Ruby across Mxyl's shoulder, while Mumpy is creeping up on her with Sapphire.

Aside from all the shenanigans, they were delicious!

 We spent a lot of time chatting, playing Pig's Knuckles (like Pinochle, but funnier), laughing, helping build a closet, gardening, watching the lake, and going for walks.

I was a little delayed leaving for one walk, but I was so happy to get this shot of my folks walking along, holding hands!

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