Friday, August 29, 2014

Seven Random Quick Takes

1. Favorite quote of the week.  Choclo: A big hug is even comfier than a comfy chair

2.Tapir babies are cute.  Little brown watermelon's with legs!  And look at that little nose!!  Either you get this, or you don't.

3. Overheard in the back seat, Zorg explaining to Mxyl: I said they didn't have armor, I never said they didn't have food processors! (Random enough for you?)

4. At the Arboretum this week, we found this sign.  I think it means: Don't yell at some one who has a head ache. Always good advice. Any alternate theories?

5. Zorg: If you had to wake up to one TV theme song, what would it be?

 Me: How do you even think of... Oh! Hawaii Five-O. Definitely Hawaii Five-O.

 I've never seen the show, I haven't thought of it in years, but the only possible answer ever is Hawaii Five-O!

6.I've been working out schedules: co-op schedules, home school schedules, field trip schedules, college schedules, Scout schedules and schedules for various lessons and doctors appointments.  My brain is now so full of scheduling, that it is leaking nouns.

Picture from Zazzle
I tried to ask Zorg to bring in the... they weren't laundry hampers, but that was all my brain could offer.  Zorg figured out that I was thinking of the garbage cans.

It's not just not being able to remember the nouns (that happens fairly often), it's that my brain is supplying nouns that are clearly wrong.  Pagoda? No. Pergola? No. It was actually a gazebo, but I had to look it up.

The worst was in the middle of a Calculus lesson with Mxyl.  We had forgotten to take the derivative of the...coadjudicant.

Mxyl gave me a very blank look.

It's the, you know, the number that goes with the X.  In the term 3X, X is the variable and 3 is the... coadjudicant, my brain insisted.  It's not, I was trying for coefficient.

Which my brain, clearly is not.

7. I have at last achieved my life's ambition!  I got out of the library in less than an hour (57 minutes!) with fewer than 50 books (49!).

To make this victory even sweeter, I now have gigantic children who can lug those books for me!! 

Have a great weekend!  More fun with Jen!


Sue Elvis said...


You always make me smile. I often forget nouns too. Sometimes I type a completely wrong one when I am writing. I think one word and my fingers type a different one,and I don't even realise until I start to edit. I especially like your library achievement. Well done!

Wendy said...

Thanks, Sue! My mother in law d
also loses nouns, and we joke that I inherited it from her!

The library thing is funny: we're getting fewer books, but the books are getting bigger, so I think they should consider my book use by the pound!