Friday, September 27, 2013

Garden, Ahoy!


About that mulch pile...  Back in June I had mentioned that I needed to renovate my big garden.

I have been working on it in my mind this summer, and this month I finally started actually working on it.

8 bins of weeds, 3 yards of mulch, 300 bulbs, dozens of new and transplanted shrubs, trees, and plants, and countless hours later...

I'm mostly done!

I still need to work on the path in the center, and I will prune the fruit trees over the winter, but the hard work is done, and at the best time of year for the garden to get a good start.

It's a mixed shade garden with lots of flowering shrubs, grasses, ferns, flowers, herbs, and hostas, as well as a few trees for height.

My gardens always surprise me with what works (and doesn't!), but I'm reasonably confident that this garden will be really beautiful this spring, and grow more beautiful each year.

Planting a garden is always an act of hope!

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Sue Elvis said...


I'm not a gardener but I do love beautiful gardens. Maybe I'm lazy. All that hard work that needs doing on a regular basis. I can just imagine all the hours you spent working in your garden. But when spring arrives... wow! your garden is going to look wonderful. I wonder what kind of path you are going to put down. I'd love to have red eucalyptus mulch paths between our trees and shrubs.