Tuesday, October 28, 2014

An Object Lesson

It's been a crazy week!

 The brand new dryer stopped working.  Someone forgot to put the lint trap  in when they started the dryer.

They realized it quickly, but not before an errant sock had gotten sucked down the trap and into the inner workings... So the moral of that story is: Always use the lint trap!

The great news is that the Emperor and I (with a little help from the internet) were able to take the entire dryer apart and get the sock out of the blower wheel!

Hooray, us!  We used to be very handy - rehabbing an old Victorian and roughing in our own plumbing and electric lines.   As we got more and more little ones, our handy hands were full, and we had to hire out lots of jobs we would have done ourselves.

It's pretty exciting to realize we can do a lot of our own stuff again!

In other news, the new freezer arrived, but with the door crunched badly, so it had to go back.  Also we have a car in the shop and a kid with a fever for several days.

The kid is on the mend, the car should be fixed today, and eventually a new freezer will show up.

And our dryer works!

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