Monday, February 23, 2015

Gospel Dessert First Sunday

 The gospel was Mark's spare retelling of the Temptation in the Desert.  Mark doesn't actually specify what any of the temptations were, but we know the temptations around here...

The Temptation in the Dessert!

Everyone gets a slice of rather boring looking angel food cake and a slice of lushly frosted devil's food cake.

Which would you choose to eat?

Oob didn't want to eat the devil's food exactly, he just wanted a little taste of that fluffy pink frosting.  He didn't like it.  Maybe there is a difference between powdered sugar and baking soda?

To be fair, he knew it tasted bad! He had just seen another sibling try it, and found the reaction really funny (that sibling also thought it was funny!).  I don't think he expected it to taste that bad, though!

That sibling also know it would taste bad.  We've done this before!

The angel food cake was a little flat (a new recipe that didn't work perfectly), but tasty.

The moral of the story: the devil's way may look better, but it always leaves a bad taste in your mouth!

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