Monday, February 2, 2015

Natural History

 So,what do you think Choclo and Oob are hiding from?

Could it be....

A giant T-rex?

Really they were cuddling up in the polar mammals section of Mammal Hall at the Natural History Museum, we didn't find the T-rex until much later.

But we sure were thrilled when we found it!

Dinosaur Hall closed last summer and will not reopen for three and a half years (Choclo and Oob will be 13 and 11!).  They are redesigning the space and installing their new T-rex skeleton.

We were definitely feeling the lack of dinosaur.

But they turned one of their temporary exhibit spaces into a small dino exhibit with their old T-rex skeleton (don't tell anyone, it's really only a cast, that's why they were so excited to get the new real skeleton).

Most of our museum time we spent in the Mammal Hall.  The longer I look at some of our large mammals (rhinos, hippos, tapirs), the weirder they really are, and the closer they look to those Ice Age mammal oddities.

Choclo and Oob were enchanted by the pangolins, and then decided they would like to have pet dik diks (deer the size of dogs with improbably tiny feet).

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