Saturday, February 21, 2015

Prayer Request Update

While my dear MIL's surgery went well last Tuesday, she has had any number of small setbacks and complications along with some small signs of progress.

We've been taking turns being with her in the ICU for marathon stretches, but, as of Monday, we need to return to work or a more normal schedule (we being the Emperor, Pop, my wonderful sister in law and me).  

The usual trajectory for open heart surgery is release from the ICU after a day, and release from the hospital after 3-4 days.  It looks certain that she will be in the ICU at least through Monday. On the other hand her heart now seems to be willing to keep it's own rhythm, so we are seeing some progress.

Please pray for her, and for all of us supporting her on this journey!

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Sue Elvis said...

Wendy, I'll continue to pray for your MIL. God bless!