Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentine Creatures

Here's an easy Valentine project: cute creatures made of candy clay.

Did I say easy?  The clay is just cream cheese mixed with powdered sugar!

We added blueberry flavor and lots of food coloring for fun, but I think the last time I did this, I just used cherry flavor and red food coloring.

Amie actually started this with Choclo and Oob while I was working with another kid, but Leena joined in, and other kids wandered in and out, too.

They raided the sprinkle box for fun embellishments. 

The regular sprinkles were good for hair.
 I had some little glasses and bow ties on hand.

I like lots of odd sprinkles, so it's a varied collection!

They ended up using the star shaped sprinkles for awards and badges for all their little creatures.

And they gave away most of their creations.

Tasty and fun!

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