Sunday, January 24, 2016

Happy Birthday, Klenda!

Klenda turned 17!

 She went ice skating with friends, than everyone came back to the house for a party!
For the teen party she had a chocolate cake rolled with a creamy vanilla filling spiked with cherries and mini chocolate chips.

Later, for the family party, we made this three layer lemon cake with vanilla cream and apricot filling.

The thing was, my oven was broken.   The lower heating element had literally broken, so we cooked very large very thin cakes using the broiler element, and then rolled or layered them!

 Not a problem on the taste scale, and it's fun to meet a creative challenge. And the new element got here before the snow, so we are back in baking business!

For the family party, Pop took us all out to our favorite Chinese restaurant,and then we came back to the house for cake  and presents.

One of her favorite gifts was a leather jacket!

17 Great Things About Klenda

1. She can juggle.
2. She's a whiz at editing podcasts.
2. She's always willing to lend a hand!
3. She loves to cook!
4. She's a serious snow shoveler.
5.She's an amazing artist.
5. Because of her Confirmation name, every Marian feast is her feast day!
6. She's great at decorating cakes (those flowers are hers).
7. She's started doing college at 16!
7. She's a very good wood carver.
8. She's a super fast reader.
9. She's a very supportive sister!
10. She's a proud member of the BCC!
11. She's good at GIMP.
11. She makes fantastic hot chocolate!
12. She's a loyal and compassionate friend.
13. She loves it when we make it to daily Mass.
14. She's over halfway to getting her driver's license!
14. She's a good, safe, cautious driver. :)
15. She loves Jane Austen.
16. Sometimes she will tell me her secret ingredients!
16. She makes the best pie in the world (it's called chocolate buttercream pie).
17. She's a very sweet and loving daughter, and we're very proud of her!!!

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